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Virtual Machine Storage - Fixed Size vs Dynamic Size

Virtual Machine Storage type Fixed size or Dynamic size? Which one Should I use?

Whoever used a virtual machine in your lifetime you might have came across this prompt while creating a virtual machine.  You should have seen the option to choose from either

Dynamically Allocated Fixed Size

And its obvious that many go for the default one Dynamically allocated. 

Did you ever thought what is the advantage of Fixed size over Dynamic size? Here is where the difference I noticed
Dynamically allocated This type of virtual disk file will not consume the actual physical storage in your hard disk but it shows as it has that many allocated size (free memory) available to your virtual OS.
The advantages are:
Actual Physical memory will not be occupiedYou can actually create a virtual disk even more than the physical drive size eg: you can create 1 TB virtual disk on a 128 GB physical storage.
But here is a big drawback which many failed to consider. Since your virtual operating system thinks that …
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TataSky Refresh after Recharge - Activate after Recharge

If you are using TataSky and doing recharge occasionally and that too after disconnection, this post will be very helpful for you.
Most of the time you will not get the channels listed as soon as you make the payment. It will display message to Subscribe for that channel.
You can easily get channels back by simply giving a missed a call from your registered mobile number.

Note: Make sure your TV and SetupBox is on and showing the error message

Give missed call to +91 80892 80892 (Soft Refresh)wait for 1 minute and
If still not active then try giving missed call to +91 90405 90405 (Heavy Refresh).
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Make use of JavaScript console methods

When I say JavaScript console methods, the one and only thing that hit most of our mind is console.log() and we use it a lot and only that some might be familiar with error() and debug(). Did you ever think of checking if there are any other methods available in console other than log? Most of us don't do that, but knowing those methods might have saved lot of our development time. In this post I will show you some of the console methods which will be very useful in our day to day coding.
Log based on conditionconsole.assert(assertion, log_message); To print something on the console only if the assertion failed - assertion can be any expression which returns a boolean.
Note: In chrome this log will print as an error with message saying "Assertion failed:" with the log_message passed. In FireFox its a normal log message.
Log number of occurrence console.count([label]); If we want to count something, it may be a click, may be a callback, or event triggers. We don't …

Sync files from remote system via command line - Linux, Ubuntu, Debian

If you are using more than one laptop/computers in your day to day life for eg: Your personal laptop and Office laptop. Chances of needing a file from one laptop on the other laptop is very common. We don't want to copy the files over the system again and again. We just want the changes to the files made in one system to reflect on the other system.

In this post we will see a simple way to keep files in sync between your multiple laptops/computers. Linux has an wonderful utility called rsync which can be used to sync files/folders between systems in a very optimised way (copy only modified and new files/folders)
If you don't have rsync utility installed on your system, install it by
$ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install rsync Also we are planning to sync files from remote systems, So lets have the openssh-server installed on the both machines
$ sudo apt-get install openssh-serveropenssh-client will be by default installed on linux machines, if not install it
$ sudo apt-g…

Installing Cordova on Ubuntu 16.04 without Android Studio

Apache Cordova is a platform to build mobile applications using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

When I was trying to install cordova for creating an android application on my Ubuntu 16.04 I was facing lot of versioning and dependency problems. So in this post I will be discussing about all those issues and the solution that worked for me. All the steps are via command line and so no android studio. I don't want to install GB's of files to just use sdk.
Install latest version of node and npmInstall CordovaInstall android SDK (Command line)Setting environment variablesCreating android plaformCreating and running first app Installing latest version of nodejs
By default ubuntu 16.04 has a stable version of nodejs added in its own repository. So to install latest version from Ubuntu itself you can simply use apt commad as follows.
$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install nodejs But when I was using this version (4.2.6 is the latest stable version available when I was trying) I got some…

Duplicate file finder/Remover using perl and SHA1

When you are using a computing devices (either a laptop or PC or a Tab) for your personal use after some time (let take some years) you will realise that your disk is full and most of the space are occupied by duplicate files (Same copy of file located in different locations).

For ex: You might have a favourite music file in "My Favourite" folder as well as in the "Album" folder. But finding this duplicate manually is a biggest process. That too if the file names are different OMG!.

There are lot of free utilities available to do this in automated way, but if you are a programmer, you will always prefer to do it on your own.

Here are the steps we are going to do. This is purely on a linux - Ubuntu system.  (for windows you might need to change the path as per conventions )
Getting SHA1 for all the files recursively in a given directoryCompare SHA1 with other filesRemove the duplicate fileGetting SHA1 of a file

Using cpan module  Digest::SHA1 we can get SHA1 for a f…

Best Investment of Time

Most of us have a common question of "What should I do in my free time?" which will help you to improve your life skills or even help your life financially.

 Frankly speaking there is not straight one word answer and also the answer depends on person to person. First lets decide what is your interest or what is best skill.

You might be interested in

Body buildingDo it your Own (DIY) projectsKnowing thingsProgrammingTesting ApplicationsDestroying things :-)Talking about moviesRoamingetc..,
What ever it is, first thing is don't be lazy, you have to do your interest day to day else that interest will became obsolete.

And second thing, lets share that to other people in the world. Internet is a common thing for us now a days. Use that resource wisely. Increase your contact and make people know about you.

Upload videosCreate BlogsAnswer people questions onlinePublish articlesCreate Apps and publish it on Play store 

Basically show your skills to the world.

Some are real…