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Best Investment of Time

Most of us have a common question of "What should I do in my free time?" which will help you to improve your life skills or even help your life financially.

 Frankly speaking there is not straight one word answer and also the answer depends on person to person. First lets decide what is your interest or what is best skill.

You might be interested in

Body buildingDo it your Own (DIY) projectsKnowing thingsProgrammingTesting ApplicationsDestroying things :-)Talking about moviesRoamingetc..,
What ever it is, first thing is don't be lazy, you have to do your interest day to day else that interest will became obsolete.

And second thing, lets share that to other people in the world. Internet is a common thing for us now a days. Use that resource wisely. Increase your contact and make people know about you.

Upload videosCreate BlogsAnswer people questions onlinePublish articlesCreate Apps and publish it on Play store 

Basically show your skills to the world.

Some are real…